YTX4L-BS 12V 24Wh Motocicleta LiFePO4 Bateria de arranque LFP Scooter Bateria do ferro do Lítio CCA 160A Com a BMS FLY4L-BS YT4L YTX4L

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Model: FLY4L-BS Nominal voltage : 12V Nominal Watt-hour : 24Wh Instant start current : 160CCA Service life: more than 2000 cycles Charging temperature : 0~45 ℃ Discharge temperature : -20 ~ 60 ℃ Storage temperature : -20 ~ 45 ℃ Weight : 0.47kg Size: 113*70*89mm Replacement : YTX4L-BS, YT4L, YTX4L, YT4L-BS, GTX4L-BS, GT4L-BS, GTX4L, GT4L WPX4L-BS Working For: Motorcycle Battery Use For Gas Gas Pampera, Honda CRF110F CRF125F CT70 MSX125 Grom TLR200 Reflex XR250L ZB50 ,Suzuki DR250S DR350S DR650S N, P.GTX4L-BS ATV Battery For Quad Dirt / Pit Bike 50/70/110/125 CC ,Polaris Scrambler Sportsman,Aeon (Benzai) ,Arctic Cat BRP (CAN-AM) DS90, DS90F, Quest ,E-Ton AXL, TXL, NXL, RXL, Qianjiang.YTX4L-BS battery For Yamaha TTR125E/LE Electric Start Husqvarna FC Kawasaki KLX110, L Z125 PRO KTM 200 XC-W 450SMR E/XC, M/XC Racing 4-Stroke EXC, Racing SX-F EXC-F SCOOTER Battery For Honda NB50 Aero NCH50 Metropolitan NQ50 Spree, 50D SS SA50 Elite LX, S, SR SE50 Elite TG50 Gyro S Hyosung SB50 Super Cab, SD50 Sense, SF50 Prima , Rally, Sense SYM RS50 Yamaha CY50 Riva Jog,SYM RS50, Hyosung Operating voltage range: 14.6V-10V Overcharge protection voltage : 14.6V + 0.05V Battery temperature protection: -20-60℃±5℃ Output and parameters: high current positive / negative connecting column (red positive electrode, black negative pole); Battery storage period: 90% power (6 months) Battery warranty: 2 Years (free warranty) Product advantages: Easy to carry, light weight, high capacity, high release platform, long working hours, long life, safety and environmental protection Safety Precaution 1.Do not throw battery into water or make it wet 2.Keep the battery away from heat source 3.Do not throw the battery into fire or heat the battery 4.Forbid to hammer to trample the battery 5.Forbid disassembling the battery in anyway

Advantages of our lithium iron phosphate products:

1. The safety performance of lithium iron phosphate is good. 2. Long life.It is more than 5 times the life of ordinary batteries, and the actual cost performance is high. 3. Built-in protection board, we independently develop the protection board, automatically protect the battery from overcharge and over discharge. 4. Easy to use, maintenance-free, no maintenance, no need to add liquid. 5. This product uses 4 series of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can discharge at a large current and start smoothly. 6. The low temperature performance is good, the low temperature can be started smoothly. 7. Easy to use, directly replace the original lead-acid battery. 8. Small size, light weight, lightweight choice, reduce weight, environmental protection and fuel saving. 9. We use flame-retardant abs plastic shell to encapsulate the safety and explosion-proof.The advantages of lithium iron phosphate: the life of lithium iron phosphate is several times that of ordinary batteries, light weight, good current stabilization ignition effect, fuel saving, and high cost performance.Usage: Confirm the positive and negative poles, red is the positive pole, black is the negative pole.The positive electrode clamps the positive electrode, and the negative electrode can be connected to the negative electrode.Some vehicles need to match the computer when the battery is switched off.You can replace the battery at idle speed, so you don't need to match the computer.Be careful not to short circuit.Ordinary cars can be switched off to replace the battery.Precautions: 1. Please make sure the positive and negative poles before installing the battery, red is the positive pole, black is the negative pole.We are not responsible for the emergency power supply and vehicle loss that may be caused by wrong connection. 2. Tighten the positive and negative poles to avoid poor contact, clean up the oxides of the terminal posts, and avoid poor contact. 3. When the battery is not in use, please save 70% of the power to avoid full charge or loss of power. 4. Avoid short circuit damage to the battery. 5. It is not recommended to turn off the sound for a long time, turn on the audio and turn on the headlights, it is easy to consume photoelectricity and cannot start, please run at idle speed.

  • Item De Largura: 7cm
  • Tipo: Moto LiFePO4 Bateria De Arranque
  • Max Protection Voltage: 14.6 V
  • Características Especiais: Bateria LiFePO4
  • Nome Da Marca: PODER VOAR
  • O Tipo De Material: Bateria LiFePO4
  • Peso Do Item: 0.47kg
  • Item De Comprimento: 11.3cm
  • Externas De Testes De Certificação: ce
  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • Tensão Final De: 8V
  • Voltage protection board(BMS): Sim
  • Ciclo de vida: More than 2000 Cycles
  • Item De Altura: 8.9cm
  • Nome Do Modelo: FLY4L-BS
  • CCA: 160A
  • Certificado: CE, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3
  • Substitui: YTX4L-BS YT4L YTX4L
  • Tipo De Item: Bateria De Motos

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