The objectives of this project are to:

  • Raise awaraness amongst traditional business sectors based in the North Region of Portugal (textile and footwear, food, metalworking and metallurgy) to the importance of the incorporation of nanotechnology in their manufacturing processes thereby increasing their competitiveness in the global market, and fostering the relationship with highly intensive knowledge indrustry such as automotive, health, enviroment and energy.
  • Promote a client-oriented procurement market able to describe concrete needs and impact for products and processes without being over prescriptive. Provide a matching space for technologies supply and demand.
  • Promote a dynamic nanotechnology knowledge transfer ecosystem. It will implement a set of activities aiming at increasing technology exploitation into new products and services, for the benefit of society.
  • Provide a coordinated action to optimize the use of research resources sharing the existing knowledge in the North region of Portugal.
  • Create a Nanotechnology Trademark brand for the North Region of Portugal.


Develop an approach capable of delivering optimized resources and improved knowledge transfer.

The activities to be developed will go along 3 main verticals:

  • RAISING AWARENESS & BUILDING CAPACITY: To promote capacity building, to optimize the existing technical capacities through networking activities fostering relationship between academia and nanotechnology based industries, at regional, national and international level.
  • KNWOLEDGE TRANSFER: Seeking to organize, create, capture and distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for different industrial sectors.
  • BUILDING A REPUTATION: To develop a trademark for the Norte Region of Portugal.


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