Nanotech Awards

The Nanotech Awards aims to recognize and give visibility to the best industrial projects related to the implementation and use of nanotechnology in the north of Portugal. It strives to create a movement that acknowledges the innovative practices associated with nanotechnology by mobilizing civil society, companies, universities, associations and research institutes.


The Nanotech Awards will award the three best proposals related to the incorporation of nanotechnology into products, processes or services of traditional sectors, apprising the innovation carried out in the industrial fabric of North of Portugal.


The contest is adressed to companies located in the North of Portugal; and whose product, process or service is in industrial production or the launch phase (TRL 5-7).

The following requirements are mandatory for the contest

Be a product/process/service that incorporates nanotechnology;


Be innovative;


Present a TRL level maturity 5-7;


Be accompanied by explanatory information about the process/product/service according to the application form.


The contest´s registration is free of charge and must be submitted until May 18th through the application form available here


1st Prize: 5000 €
2nd Prize: 2500 €
3rd Prize: 1000 €

Award 1

Award 2

Award 3