Nanotech Roadmap

The Nanotech Roadmap was developed focusing on the following topics:

  • Diagnosis of the current status on the regional capacity concerning nanotechnology application in industry and academia (nanotechnologies offer capability and absorption/demand capability), as so as public strategies towards the support of science and technology in the businesses value chain.
  • Identification of the main sectors of activity relevant to the north region of Portugal where nanotechnology could have greater impact.
  • Identification and selection of 6 different nanotechnology solutions applied by the industrial sector in the North of Portugal, which can serve as examples of best practices.
  • International benchmarking analysis to understand the latest trends concerning the application of nanotechnologies, future prospects and benefits of nanotech solutions.
  • Future actions that can be implemented between different organisations in the mid-term to create impact in the North region of Portugal helping the region to be recognized at European level as a regional Cluster for nanotechnology.