Nanotech@Norte PT Awards

NANOTECH@NORTE PT AWARDS is a joint initiative of CENTI and INL that seeks to recognize good project practices that promote the implementation of nanotechnologies in the industry of the Northern region of Portugal. It seeks to create a movement that distinguishes and recognizes innovative projects mobilizing civil society, including academia, companies, research institutes, business associations around the Agenda of competitiveness and internationalization of the territory.


  • Reward and recognize good practices from projects implemented in the Northern region of Portugal that promote the use of nanotechnology in an industrial context, as a complement to the development of new products and services with higher added value;
  • Give visibility to companies that have identified an opportunity to grow in the value chain through the introduction of new technologies and that have contributed to the recognition of the North region of Portugal as a highly innovative region associated with nanotechnology;
  • Strengthen the role of the entities established in the Northern region of Portugal in the context of scientific and technological excellence associated with nanotechnology.

NANOTECH@NORTE PT AWARDS Regulation is available here