Action 3. Communication


This action aims to create awareness and promote the national and international visibility for Nanotechnology originating in Region North through communication actions and creation of brand – “Nanotechnology at North Region”.


Activity 3.1 – Reflection Workshop for positioning of the brand “nanotechnology” at the North Region

A workshop will be organized to promote a discussion on the positioning of the brand “Nanotechnology at North region”. The aim is to define a Vision statement and this way create an “Identity” for the brand.

Activity 3.2 – Nanotechnology Awards

The Nanotechnology Awards aims to reward the top 3 successful cases of incorporating nanotechnology into traditional sector products or processes. There will be a competition that will start with an application phase, followed by the selection phase and the election of the 3 best candidates. This selection will be made by a multidisciplinary jury which will evaluate under strict criteria previously defined.

Activity 3.3 – Nanotechnology in the media

General dissemination and communication in the media (news, articles, press releases, advertisements and printed publicity), that can contribute to the recognition of the North Region of Portugal as a “nanotech region”, increasing the industrial pursuit for the implementation of innovative projects based on nanotechnology.


Action 1. Awareness

Objectives and activities

Action 2. Demonstration

This action aims to demonstrate the greatest potential of nanotechnology for companies and the general public (consumers).