Action 2. Demonstration Actions


This action aims to demonstrate best practices in the domain of Nanotechnology in Portugal, particularly in the Northern Region, promoting the sharing and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge from R&D organizations to companies and to the market.


Activity 2.1 – Development of Demonstrators

It is intended to develop a set of Demonstrators that validate the ability and potential of nanotechnology in order to create products and processes with high technological content and consequently high added value.

This activity includes the development of appealing and interactive demonstrators with the objective of being exposed in public places (airports, Pavilion of Knowledge, etc.) to a multidisciplinary and eclectic audience.

Activity 2.2 – Demonstration actions

Four demonstration actions will be launched, 2 in the two main national airports, 1 in the Pavilion of Knowledge and 1 in a public space to be defined (eg tourist pier in the Port of Leixões). The objective of this action is to promote interaction between the general public, consumers and end users.

Activity 2.3 – Open Day of Nanotechnology

Will be promoted two Open Days to be organized in CeNTI and INL that will allow the demonstration of technologies and incorporation of nanotechnology to the general public. These days are also planned for the presentation of project results and business success stories using nanotechnology.

Activity 2.4 – Internationalization

As part of this activity, it is planned to participate in four international fairs (3 European and 1 International) with the aim of demonstrating the installed capacity in the North Region of Portugal concerning the development and usage of nanotechnology applied in the market.


Action 1. Awareness

Objectives and activities

Action 3. Communication

This action aims to create awareness and promote the national and international visibility for Nanotechnology originating in Region North through communication actions and creation of brand – “Nanotechnology at North Region”.