Action 1. Awareness Raising & Capacity Building


The action aims to:

•Increase the existing critical mass and create a network effect involving RTOs, universities, clusters & investors.

•Inform and educate market players about the potential of nanotechnology as a key technology to integrat materials and technologies in different value chains, achieving a competitive advantage.

•Create a portfolio of close-to-market technologies, from the Norte region of Portugal. The aim here is to select only those technologies with high TRL´s and high innovation readiness levels.


Activity 1.1 – Establishment of a network of experts

This activity seeks to identify relevant bodies and entities like universities, clusters, R&D organizations, technology transfer entities and other, able to identify specialists and create critical mass to leverage and support the promotion of nanotechnology as a tool capable of stimulating the economy and position the North of Portugal in the most competitive markets.

Activity 1.2 – Nanotechnology Roadmap and Portfolio

  • To develop a technological roadmap with the identification of future trends and areas of application for nanotechnology;
  • To develop a portfolio / product catalog and success stories from the North region of Portugal incorporating nanotechnology.

Activity 1.3 – Seminar with investors, entrepreneurs and IP specialists

A workshop will be held to stimulate the exchange and sharing of knowledge among different actors in the value chain, promoting awareness for the importance of nanotechnology as technology capable increase the added value on products and processes.



Action 2. Demonstration

This action aims to demonstrate the greatest potential of nanotechnology for companies and the general public (consumers).

Action 3. Communication

This action aims to create awareness and promote the national and international visibility for Nanotechnology originating in Region North through communication actions and creation of brand – “Nanotechnology at North Region”.