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How to change the world with nanotechnology:

Sucess cases from the North of Portugal

The partnerships between North Portugal industries and the nanotechnological projects from the most important research organizations in the region have resulted in unique products, that are highlighted in the nanotech@norte Book.

INL demonstrated how nanotechnology will make us fly towards the future. From July 23th to July 27th INL Aircraft was at the check-in area at Porto Airport to show all about flexible photovoltaics, 3D Food Printing, UV lighting solutions for jet lag minimization and many other technologies. #FlyingTowardsTheFuture

Check here how the future of air travelling will be!

The Nanotech Awards aim at valorising and recognising the innovative companies in the North Region of Portugal that generate wealth through the application of nanotechnology-based solutions deployed by the region’s research centres.

These outstanding companies bring to the market products and services with a competitive profile at an international level, hence contributing to increasing global attention to the region’s market.

We thank all the participants of the Nanotech Awards for taking the commitment of putting the excellent technology produced in North Portugal on the map.

You can download the presentations of the Nanotech Awards here!”

Nanotechnology is the future!

Centi and INL would like to thank all the participants who attended the workshop “Nanotechnology from North of Portugal to the World – Marketing Strategy on building a national/regional brand image”


 It was a pleasure for us to promote the session, and we hope you enjoyed this opportunity to find out more about the important role marketing can play in the growth of Nanotechnology and its impact on businesses and society.

You can download the presentations of the event here!”

Thanks to all the participants who attended the “Nanotechnology from North of Portugal – Open Day @ CeNTI”

You can download the presentations of the Open Day here!”

More events and activities are coming!

The R&D Funding Opportunities Workshop, held at INL at January 26th was a huge success. We had the pleasure to have the presence of José Carlos Caldeira from ANI and Sofia Azevedo from GPPQ, which introduced all the funding programmes available for companies and emphasised the importance of bringing science, technology and industry into an integrated conversation. Raúl Rodríguez Couto from Gain left the audience with a good insight about Cascade-funding opportunities. Through this event, we expect to settle a more close collaboration with science and industry towards the participation in added value and innovative projects.

We would like to thank all the participants for this fruitful event co-financed by NanoTech@NortePT Project and NANOeaters Project.

The organizers want to warmly thank all the participants who attended the “From Idea to the Market” Workshop.

Stay tuned for more events and activities from NanoTech@NortePT

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